"Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something." —Plato


hopper(vision) is a full-service graphic design and branding firm that touts "communication" as one of the most important aspects of your business. Our services include logo, website and packaging design, full advertising campaign strategy and execution.


We create simple, beautiful and impactful marketing materials, and instictively guide your company's brand throughout its lifecycle. When you have something to say, we have the vision to help you say it.


"Design is so simple. That's why it's so complicated." 
—Paul Rand

There are countless stories of business successes. Well-executed design separates the ones you might have heard about, from the ones you will never forget. Apple was the laughing stock in the computer world for many years. Design is what set them apart then, and they have consistently adhered to that same principle. They are now the biggest company in the world. 

The two principles at hopper(vision) feast on good design and have been doing so for a combined half century. We understand how good design can benefit your business and how bad design can sink it. 


"Everything is copy." —Norah Ephron

She was right; communication is ostensibly best represented in words. There are many business owners who know their ideas are groundbreaking, but they might not be able to put those ideas into words. That's OK. That's why hopper(vision) exists. 

We take your ideas and relate them in an easy to understand, cognitive message that draws your clients in further to learn more. You spark the idea, we help you spark their interest. 


"Information is liberating." —Kofi Annan


It's the age of information; your digital presence is the first impression that will determine if you found a new customer, or possibly lost one forever. With the right SEO, any website can get found, but not every website can keep them there. You want your website to speak to your target audience and inform them so they can make a decision about your product or service.

Delivering information that is efficient, simple and conveys the look and feel of your company is important to your success. Let hopper(vision) deliver that message.


"Be so good they can't ignore you." 

—Steve Martin


What is brand? It's your story. It's that elevator speech you tell people when they ask, "So what do you do?"

Branding is the most integral cog in the engine of your business story. It's that well-told tale that, when you tell it, people's eyes light up and they buy into it. That's the kind of storytelling hopper(vision) excels at. It involves a lot of research and crafting of words and pictures. Plus, it's what we do best, and to us, it's a whole lot of fun.